Exploring Tallinn, Estonia: One Epic Medieval Experience

Tallinn Featured Image

People travel for a whole variety of reasons: to explore one-of-a-kind landscapes, experience different cultures, indulge on unique delicacies, and more. But have you ever gone on a trip in order to experience a whole other era?   Huh? What? Time Travel?! Sounds like a load of nonsense. Not exactly.  Of course,…

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Neuschwanstein Castle: How to Make the Most of Your Visit

When exploring Bavaria, Germany’s southeastern state, paying a visit to Neuschwanstein Castle is a must.   The hilltop castle was designed in the 19th century by a stage painter under the orders of a “questionably” mad king. This king, Ludwig II, had a great love for his friend’s epic operas,…

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European Skication: 1969 Poland Edition

European ski holidays are apparently old news in my family because my grandparents have been skication fans since 1969. After a family dinner during the winter holidays, I decided to browse through my grandparents’ photo albums. I stumbled upon a series of nearly 50-year-old black-and-white photographs. In these pictures, you…

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