Sonogno, Switzerland: Planning the Perfect Day Trip

Visit Sonogno, Switzerland Featured Image

I honestly can’t remember where and when I first stumbled upon Sonogno, Switzerland, but I am eternally grateful I did.  It may have been through one of those epic travel Instagram accounts like @bestplaces_togo, or it may have been through a small Italian hostel’s “what to do”  list back in…

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Sintra, Portugal: The Day Trip From Lisbon You Absolutely Have To Take

If you’re keen on exploring mountaintop medieval fortifications, vibrant fairytale castles, lush forests, and eccentric labyrinthine gardens all in one location, then Sintra is the place for you. Located about 40 minutes by train from Lisbon, Sintra is a UNESCO Cultural Landscape.  Throughout history, Celts, Moors, and Portuguese nobility inhabited…

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Hallstatt, Austria: How to Plan the Perfect Day Trip


If you’re a fan of picture-perfect little European towns, then I’m sure you’ve stumbled across a photo of this one before. It was actually once dubbed the “most beautiful lake town in the world,” and today, it’s arguably Austria’s most photographed village. Built along the western shore of a mountain…

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Turin, Italy

Turin, the capital of the Piedmont region, may not always appear on one’s list of top 5 Italian destinations to visit. However, after having the chance to spend time in more than 5 Italian cities and towns this year, Turin definitely falls into my top 5. Close yet complex ties with France…

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Camogli and Portofino, Italy

Steep cliffs descending into the turquoise sea, colourful villages with closely-built homes, fresh calamari from local harbours – this is a part of Italy that I had longed to experience (especially after spending time in the busier cities of Rome, Venice, and Turin). Little did I know that I would have…

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Sacra di San Michele, Italy

During the first week of April, I was blessed with another week off work. Naturally, I had a trip planned for these glorious 7, work-free days. I had been invited to stay with a friend and her family in a small town just outside of Turin, Italy. Ultimately, due to…

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