Rome, Italy

Travel Tip: 
Buy tickets for major tourist attractions online. You may end up paying a few Euros extra online, but you’ll end up saving countless hours of line waiting if you don’t plan on going first thing in the morning. This was important for us – we only had 4 days in Rome and there was so much to see. Try to buy tickets a few days in advance as well – online tickets may be sold out for some places if you try to buy them the day before. (PHOTO TAKEN FEBRUARY 2015)

Post Cover Photo:

Roman Colosseum



  1. One photo presenting Rome, is not enough!

    • Definitely not! I’m just not satisfied with many of the photos I took. The trip still took place in the point-and-shoot days. If I every go back, I promise more!

  2. I never thought of ordering tickets in advance, well I never do it abroad.

    • It really saved us hours upon hours in line and gave us the opportunity to see places (like villa Borghese) that can’t be seen without buying tickets online!

  3. I had the same experience. A friend had suggested I buy tickets beforehand, and it felt great to bypass long lines of visitors in front of the Vatican Museum, and Colosseum. I hope you (and I) will get to visit Rome again soon!
    Best wishes,Tanja

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