Copenhagen, Denmark

Travel Tip: Despite Copenhagen being a very expensive city to be a tourist in (I found anything from food, accommodations, and visiting attractions to be more costly than Stockholm), there are many fantastic FREE things to do in Copenhagen – yes, that’s right FREE things to do. For instance, it doesn’t cost a cent (or krona) to go up the Christiansborg Palace Tower. As the tallest tower in Copenhagen, you can see the city’s colourful buildings and rooftops spread out around you. (PHOTO TAKEN OCTOBER 2014 – CANAL NEXT TO CHRISTIANSBORG PALACE)

Post Cover Photo:

Canals beside Christiansborg Palace, Copenhagen


  1. To me, the most beautiful city in Europe. For reals.

  2. Copenhagen is without a doubt in my top 15 of beautiful European cities!

  3. This is on my list for 2017. Great tips! i’ll definitely refer back when the planning time comes!

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