7 of the Best Views in Bergen, Norway

Hands down, one of my favourite things to do in a new city is to walk around. For hours and hours.
30° C or -30° C. I’ll do it and I’ve done it.


And when I ended up getting two ridiculously rare sunny and warm Fall days in Bergen, Norway, I took my walking obsession to a whole new level. (FYI: I walked over 25 km during those 2 days).

One of the reasons I absolutely love and recommend walking around a city is because you get the chance to discover so many nooks, crannies, side streets, and viewpoints could otherwise be missed. And I’m not going to lie, Bergen happened to be full of them!

So if you’re planning a trip to the Norwegian city, make sure to pack your favourite walking (or hiking) shoes and firmly hold your camera in your hand because you’ll definitely need to check out all 7 of these “instagrammable” sites in Bergen, Norway.


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Best Views in Bergen, Norway

1. Mt Fløyen

If you’re into panoramic and bird’s-eye views, visiting the top of Mt. Fløyen in Bergen is a must. The Fløibanen (funicular) and paths leading to the top of the small mountain can be found in the heart of Bergen’s city centre.

This spot is incredibly popular and makes the cut for nearly every “what to do in Bergen” list, but the view from the top is  absolutely unreal. To really make the most of your Mt. Fløyen experience, make sure to hike up and down from the viewing platform at the top instead of taking the funicular. Not only is hiking a way more budget-friendly option (it’s free), but you’re also going to stumble upon tons and tons of super scenic sights along the way.

View of Bergen, Norway from Mt. Fløyen

The classic panoramic view of Bergen from Mt. Fløyen’s viewing platform. 

Forest view on the hike up Mt. Fløyen in Bergen, Norway

Emerald forests on the hike up Mt. Fløyen.

View of Bergen, Norway from Mt. Fløyen

Elevated glimpses of Bergen from the hike up. 

After visiting Mt. Fløyen’s viewing platform, I also recommend spending a couple of hours exploring the trails at the top. The views just get better and better.

Revurtjernet Lake on Mt. Fløyen in Bergen, Norway

Revurtjernet Lake at the top of Mt. Fløyen.

Views while hiking on Mt. Fløyen in Bergen, Norway

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2. Bryggen

When in downtown Bergen, you’ll be bound to walk by the strip of colourful buildings officially known as “Bryggen” (aka the pier or the dock). This area of the city is actually a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site and is considered Bergen’s old town.

Bryggen, Bergen, Norway

Bryggen from the front.

While Bryggen has been rebuilt and restored several times during the past few centuries (mainly due to fires), the vibrant wooden buildings still hold their medieval charm. It doesn’t take long to physically walk through the area, but you can easily spend hours exploring every alley and corner.

Bryggen, Bergen, Norway

Inside Bryggen.

Inside Bryggen, Bergen, Norway

3. Øvre Blekeveien by Skansens Bataljon & Skanseguttenes Forening

On your way up to Mt. Fløyen’s forest trails, you’ll find yourself on a street called Øvre Blekeveien right by a building run by Skansens Bataljon & Skanseguttenes Forening.

On a clear day, the pristine white houses inching up Mt. Floyen reflect in the adjacent (human-made) pond. They’re quite the lovely sight.

Don’t believe me? Just look below!

Øvre Blekeveien, Bergen, Norway

View of Bergen from Øvre Blekeveien

It’s safe to say that bird’s-eye views of Bergen begin at the top of Øvre Blekeveien.

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4. Skuteviken

Skuteviken is another picturesque neighbourhood only a short walk north of Bryggen. The area is also full of old wooden houses, but unlike Bryggen, they’re all white. Rumour has it that the houses in the neighbourhood were built without much a plan, so the area is full of interesting and gorgeous corners to explore.

Skuteviken, Bergen, Norway

I totally wouldn’t mind calling one of these adorable houses home. 

Skuteviken, Bergen, Norway

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5. Sverresborg

On your way from Bryggen to Skuteviken along Nye Sandviksveien, you’ll walk by the entrance to the Bergenhus Fortress. Through the same entrance, you’ll also be able to access Sverresborg, which is a nearly 1,000-year-old fortification in the heart of the city.

From the elevated castle ruins, you’ll be able to experience a stunning view of the bays and neighbourhoods north of downtown Bergen.  

Bergen, Norway

Looking north from Sverresborg.

Sverresborg, Bergen, Norway

The grassy plain atop of Sverresborg. 

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6. Knøsesmauet and Surrounding Side Streets

Even though Bergen is Norway’s second largest city, it’s downtown core is full of prefect little residential neighbourhoods. In addition to Skuteviken, I also recommend heading southwest of Bryggen to Knøsesmauet.

The colourful wooden homes along Knøsesmauet and connecting side streets are nothing less than beautiful.

Knøsesmauet, Bergen, Norway

Stunning Knøsesmauet…

Knøsesmauet, Bergen and Surrounding Side Streets

…and neighbouring side streets.

Knøsesmauet, Bergen and Surrounding Side Streets

7. Ludvig Holberg Square

Across the street from Bergen’s downtown fish market, you’ll find a pretty prominent statue of Ludvig Holberg, a famous Norwegian writer from the 17th and 18th century. Of course you can stop by and commemorate an important Norwegian figure, but the vibrant buildings around the statue are quite an awesome sight too!

Ludvig Holberg Statue, Bergen, Norway

From bird’s-eye views, to UNESCO Heritage Sites, and picture perfect neighbourhoods, there’s an endless list of incredible things to see and do in Bergen, Norway. If you’re on the hunt for some of the most gorgeous and “insta-ready” sites in the city, don’t skip a visit to these 7+ spots!

To make finding these places just a little bit easier, check out the map below:


Planning a Norwegian Adventure?

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